Selina Alvarez Neira Mosquera

Gracias Bharti por tu gran trabajo, mi primer masage aryuvedico una experiencia,que pienso repetir cada vez que visite la isla. Seguire tus consejos y buscare mi paz interior siempre.

Juana Arena

When I first joined yoga I was full of problems I use to get heavy panic attacks, but with my regular practice at Namaste Yoga I feel much better. Yoga has given me more energy and strength and now I am able to control and defend my attacks. The past few months of practicing yoga with Bharti has been life changing. Thank you Bharti for introducing me to this wonderful style of yoga practice and healing me with guided meditations.

Manual Corralejo Fuerteventura. (Canary Islands)
I joined yoga because of migraine attacks. I am doing yoga since three months. I come at Namaste Yoga two times a week. I feel a change in my self. Now I have no muscle tension my mind has becoming positive and I feel more concentrated in my work and life, its like my life is changing and I feel more free from inside.


Namaste Yoga in Corralejo is the best yoga class I have ever attented. The reason is because I find it very refreshing to have a tutor with so much passion. Not only I am shown how to do the asanas and breathing techniques but told why!

Michael and Fanny

As a beginner to yoga I was introduced to my yoga teacher by my partner and after four weeks of regular practice, I think I received a great gift from my beloved woman. We join yoga classes together, in this atmosphere every single asana is a great happening with deep breath freedom. The benefits are numerous, specially the spiritual touch glows into the daily life, not mentioning the quick physical progress. As I am doing sports since I can walk for me in this time of my life, my bones and muscles are the greatest winner after every class, but it is about a lot more than just winning. Thank you my teacher Bharti for your support and dedication, Looking forward for the next class your student Micael.
Thanks Michael and Fanny for your appreciation but it is your dedication and attention that is inspiring me and increasing my passion for teaching.........Bharti Tahil.

Carlotta Govi

I have been practicing yoga at Namaste yoga since three months. I have finished with my teacher training course and I am on my way for my advanced course. It is one of my best yoga school ever attended! Bharti is a unique teacher who teaches everything lovingly and all the yoga techniques I have learnt have changed my life completely. Now my body has become flexible and strong. My concentration has improved and I have become more conscious in what ever I do and enjoying my life every moment.

Pablo Gonzalez

I have done a complete meditation & Yoga course for beginners. I couldnt be more happy. I have learn es on how to block my bad thoughts and how to organize my life. Barti is a great teacher. Thank you for everything.

Peter Giblin

Hi Bharti, thanks for your sessions last week. I put a comment on my regular teacher's FB page.
Amy Bramble Yoga Not sure how to share the thing so here it is.... Peter Giblin Spookily enough,... I was in Fuertenventura last week and went for two sessions with Bharti of Namaste Yoga. First time I encountered chanting. It was mighty. A big release of tension and emotion that I'd built up over the last few months; lasted for a couple of days too.

I can't leave the Canary Islands without introducing you to one of my favorite people that I met over the last couple of months. A career change in your late fifties is not something many people aspire. For Bhartii it was the only thing that made sense. After healing herself from diseases her ambition became to help as many people as possible to achieve the same. Over the past few years Bharti build up Namaste Yoga from the ground, which has developed to become a sacred place to many of her students.
Spiritual Teacher Bharti Tahil
Yesterday I published an article about Bharti. Her teachings really inspired me and I hope they have (or will) inspire you as well. Curious what you guys think of it.

Noelle Quinn

It was such a gift to meet Bharti on my recent trip to Corralejo. Tommy and I had discussed travelling to India in January with the idea of learning Yoga. On a trip to Fuerteventura I was inspired to check out Yoga classes and I found Bharti ! My very own India at home! We went to meet Bharti the following day and signed up on the spot for a three week course. We practiced every day and were certified in The Art of Living. We only missed one day and on that occasion Tommy insisted we build our Yoga practice into our trek thru the Dunes! This says it all! We have been practicing since arriving home to Dublin. Thank you Bharti - your teaching is very thorough and most enjoyable also. Dont forget to take an Indian Cooking Class.

Heather MacLrean

Bharti is a wonderful teacher, full of patience and kindness. Classes are tailored to your needs and she constantly thinks of ways to engage your inner yogi. Everything she said made sense and we enjoyed our sessions together. We would totally recommend spending time with this remarkable lady. Heather and Alan.

Shane Walker

This type of yoga is good for your body but even better for your mind. Before I visited this place I only had some experience with fitness yoga. But this is something different. The yoga teacher shows you many exercises to relax your mind and destress. I would definetely recommend it!

Marlou van der Linden

Namaste yoga is a great experience. Bharti is a great teacher and really helpful. Whatever problem you are having her yoga methods are sure to help you. I would definitely recommend her yoga school.

Carrie Graham

While staying in Corralejo for a week - I attended small group classes and individual classes - Bharti takes care to help participants get the most benefit from the class. Combining breathing, asanas and meditation to create a relaxing atmosphere for learning yoga. Bharti introduces simple concepts from yogic traditions to help restore body mind and spirit.
I had an Ayurvedic treatment and massage - wonderful strong massage and treatment of 90 minutes. Worth considering!

Pooja Ramnani

Namaste. It was a Very Good experience joining yoga at Namaste yoga center..I was able to learn many things which I did' nt have any knowledge about... It made my understanding clear on fundandamental of yoga. I increased flexibility by doing aasana..overall, it helped me to change my life Style. Thank you Bharti for giving me positive vibrations and good feelings.. Thanks a lot for all your support and love.. If any of you get a chance to visit Corralejo try it once you will leave the class with gratitude and experience.... I absolutely adore her teaching style! Her style is a perfect balance between asanas and spiritualism. She incorporates the perfect balance of stillness and calmness in her classes I also appreciate how she paces the class, it's not too slow, and not too fast, and I always get a good sweat on.. She is sure to warm us up in the beginning of class and cool us in the end. And I really love her calming voice...I always come out of the class feeling so much more opened and renewed, and ready to tackle the day! Glorious...I highly recomend to all yoga lovers.

Sophie Parmantier

When it comes to yoga, not only the physical practice is important, training your mind is primordial and this is what I have learned at Namaste yoga. Bharti shares her knowledge very generously.
She makes yoga fun, easy and the result is that after the course, you only want to keep doing it daily.
I have done kundalini yoga for 2 years and am now on my way to get a teacher diploma in ashtanga yoga thanks to Bharti.

Sue Burt

The Universe and Mother Earth must have led me to find dear Bharti to help me find my inner peace and I am truly grateful.

Sander Nijhof

Really liked the yoga classes. It was great relaxation after and before surfing!

Jackie Trauffer

Delighted to have found Namaste Yoga and Bharti!The group classes have been excellent,one to one Awesome and I am very much looking forward to a massage tomorrow!Don't miss out on this Wonderful Gem!

Veronique Coppey

Excellentelecon de Yoga avec notreprofesseur Bharti.originaired'Inde. Avec conviction, simplicite et spiritualite, nousavonsvécu un moment de benediction! Nous recommandonsvivement le Namaste Yoga pour beneficier des meilleursconseils.